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When the most effective weapon towards each WhatsApp College thesis concerning the final millennium is a write-up concerning the final decade or the one earlier than it

When the most effective weapon towards each WhatsApp College thesis concerning the final millennium is a write-up concerning the final decade or the one earlier than it

When somebody mentioned to me, in a ‘not completely complimentary’ vogue, that the piece I’d written was considerably ‘nostalgic’, I couldn’t assist however catch the implied ‘but once more’. At first, my hackles went up, that she didn’t think about my piece something however sensible, flawless and life-changing. After I cooled down – which took a minute and a half – I figured she was proper, in fact. I didn’t must go over the archives to see that, for each 5 items I write about Kangana, NRIs and Poomex (in numerous perms and combs) there may be one which could possibly be seen as a when-times-were-better automobile.

Heavens, I questioned – in a single day had I grow to be an previous man whose finest instances had been behind him? Who, shudder, had quietly grow to be what he despised greater than anything: sentimental? Half one of many assumption was true to an extent. My recalcitrant bowels and my deserted hair-dye equipment stand testimony to my ancientness. And, to be truthful, I can’t dance to Singara Sarakku with the identical verve of some years in the past. However was I previous my prime (which was subprime, at finest, anyway), and was I wallowing in bathos? That’s when one thing hit me. I used to be doing the very same factor the type of individuals I detest had been: speaking about our wonderful previous.

Whereas the WhatsApp students who’ve our collective delicate elements in a stranglehold are speaking of an ‘India’ of valiant kings who might destroy hordes of ‘overseas’ enemies single-handedly, the place we invented geometry, astronomy and salsa dancing, found gravity, sticker bindis and radioactivity-repelling bull horns earlier than anybody else did, and all was golden until Aurangazeb, Macaulay and Nehru mucked it up comprehensively for everybody, satirically, so was I, no? How was I any totally different then from these past-obsessed glory boys?

Effectively, for starters, the previous I felt compelled to talk of regularly – whereas not with out its horrible flaws – was latest, one thing I’d really lived, and shared with a technology who’ll vouch for it. I didn’t want ASI to carbon date it, NASA to certify it or some faux historian to validate it. I used to be proof. As was my technology. And whereas I used to be talking of higher instances, I actually wasn’t speaking concerning the best instances ever in human historical past because the first caveman mentioned the very first phrases ever spoken by Man in Hindi.

How can we reside at present, see our regular descent into patala, and never consult with the latest previous? Particularly when so many who’ve lived it and benefited from it – egocentric, self-destructive of us with low shallowness, all – are refusing to confess that it ever was?

So, I’m going to forgive myself my nostalgia. I’m okay being an previous man. At any time when the flowery grabs me, I’m going to jot down concerning the previous, the latest previous, a greater previous, which really existed as a result of I participated in it. My finest weapon towards a fictional previous that goals at dividing us is an actual one, warts and all, that will not unite however will definitely not divide any additional. I’m going to proceed mining my previous, our collective latest previous. For each WhatsApp College thesis concerning the final millennium, I’ll write a bit concerning the final decade or the one earlier than it.

Name me sentimental, however our youngsters will thank me, and different old-timers like myself, for the persistent, if minuscule, half we performed in serving to get us all to higher instances. After we lastly, hopefully, get there.

Krishna Shastri Devulapalli is a satirist. He has written 4 books and edited an anthology.


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